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A man protects those given into his care Landscape designer, Beth King survived an abusive husband and built a new life for herself with the help of Master Nolan, the strongest, most protective man she has ever known She loves him with all her heart, but the one thing he wants, she cant give him To her grief, the damage from her abusive first marriage means she cant bear him children.As Beth and Nolan change their plans and pursue adoption, theyre already imagining a baby girl in the nursery But when two boys from the local domestic violence shelter see their mother taken to the hospital, they call Beth in a panic Agreeing to care for them temporarily, Beth soon falls in love with the two adorable boys.Now Master Nolan has a new problem How can he protect the children when their drug addicted mother is released and how the hell can he keep his sweet submissives heart from being broken when they leave From the heartbreaking first chapter to the last I dont think I ever had a dry eye during this book This was one emotional powerhouse of a story SNS Reviews...

Title : Protecting His Own (Masters of the Shadowlands Book 11) (English Edition)
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Protecting His Own (Masters of the Shadowlands Book 11) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Cassandra
    2020-05-16 17:53

    Master Nolan and Beth have always been my fav couple in the Club Shadowlands series...and they just took an even more special place in my heart!Even with a headache I needed to finish this book! And what can I say other than...Cherise Sinclair, you've had me squirming, laughing, crying, furious and giggling...and my poor little heart is so full of love now! Master Nolan and Beth are just my fav couple! <3 thank you so much!It is a must do to read their first full book 'Breaking Free' to understand what's happening here and where they are coming from. And then it's also highly recommended to read all the books after. Cherise Sinclair always gives us glimpses of all those couples in the upcoming books once they've been introduced. So in all the books after 'Breaking Free' you'll get more of Master Nolan and Beth and how their life continued.If you already have read all the books in this amazing, one of my all time fav series, you know that Beth had an abusive, sadistic husband that hurt her physically and mentally and ingrained some self-conscious thoughts into her. And even being together with Master Nolan for quite a time now, violent acts happening to those she loves, can bring back old issues. Add a desperate submissive who doesn't take no for an answer and doesn't give a thing that the Master she wants is married, and Beth is all over in her head.Master Nolan knows his little rabbit is a handfull. Not only because of her abusive past, but also because of her strength to survive, her stubborness and her tries to hide feelings. Well, Master Nolan wouldn't be a Master in the Club Shadowlands if he wouldn't know how to guide a submissive and get the answers he wants. Oh and his methods are hot! He knows the only way to get his little firespit to talk.It's no big secret that because of her past Beth won't be able to give her husband the children he wants. A little hope all fans had that there might have been a little choice, a miracle for Beth to get pregnant. But that's not how life goes. And one thing Cherise Sinclair does is always being close to real life more than fiction when it comes to certain topics.So Master Nolan's and Beth's path to parenthood is one of giggles, tears, anxiety, helplessness, rage and love that will leave you breatheless and on the edge to finish the book and get to know.Cherise Sinclair understands her readers need to see the continuation of each couple with each new book and she so delivers. So it's also no wonder we get glimpses of what's to come next.Cherise Sinclair writes heartwarming and heartbreaking, sexy, funny, interesting BDSM erotica on a very high level that gets you addicted from the very first word to the last.I highly recommed this series!

  • Amazon-Kunde
    2020-05-11 19:23

    Yes I love it..another great shadowlands story....the only thing: IT WAS TOO SHORTI hope to read another one soon...uzuri still needs her dom or will it be doms???

  • ChL
    2020-05-15 20:39

    Das Schlimmste bei dieser Serie ist das Warten auf die neuen Bücher. Man sollte aber die Vorgeschichte kennen um dieses Buch schätzen zu können. Ich habe gerade wieder von vorn angefangen :)

  • Jaycee
    2020-04-28 19:52

    ~3.5 Stars~Click your heels three times and repeat after me: "There's no place like The Shadowlands, there's no place like The Shadowlands", and while the Club-proper did not figure prominently in this story, its inhabitants surely did. Protecting His Own was like old home week, in addition to predominantly being another, deeper chapter in the lives of Master Nolan and his rabbit.They say, "never work with animals or kids", and these two sweet boys certainly stole the show, even from Nolan and Beth themselves. In fact, as a reader, had I not already "known" Nolan and Beth from their lives within the Shadowlands group, I am not certain I would have had quite as much to invest in them as characters of the series. The course of events as it pertained to the main story arc, while emotional and admirably expressed as such for the boys, were otherwise almost pat in their predictability for most other characters, including the bad guys and gals. I had anticipated an almost "Breaking Free" level of emotional intensity *for* the good guys, and *against* the bad guys, but I personally didn't get "there" with that aspect of the book.On the other hand, I did get my cookie as it pertained to the revisitation with the Shadowlands family and with the introduction of some potentially new characters. The kids themselves and their particular story did invoke all kinds of emotional reaction from me, and I surely appreciated how the greater family came together for them.While I personally did not find this book as impactful vis-a-vis the main characters of the story as perhaps I did in some of the earlier books in the series, the fact remains that this particular world is always a go-to for me. As a reader, it is pretty easy and comfortable to just drop yourself into the proceedings and as such, the read becomes an almost 3-D experience. Sustainable series are hard to come by, but Shadowlands definitely has all the elements. I look forward to hopefully seeing new members join the Club, and watch as their lives merge with their perfect counterpoints, much in the way all of our favourites have already done, right before our adoring eyes.

  • Kimberley
    2020-04-29 16:25

    Another solid – great – read by Cherise Sinclair. This series isn’t award winning for its cover’s! Beth and Nolan’s story is heartwarming, touching, a bit angsty, and hot (as usual!). These are characters that we as lovers of this series, know and love. They went through so much to come together as a couple and Beth still has a lot to deal with moving forward in life, and this volume definitely shows how abuse recovery is never ending. The only down side is that the outcome of this story is pretty obvious from the start – before the start actually. Even the synopsis gives away the HEA. I’m ok with that. But for all of Nolan’s retrospective on how he should never have left Beth for so long, or he should have realized that adoption/fostering was going to be a challenge for her, he sure did miss the mark on that Alyssa chick. Why in the world he thought it would be ok for a woman – any woman – to come to his house, when his WIFE isn’t home, and give him “physical therapy”. Yeah, no. I don’t think so. Beth certainly handled it way better than I would have. I realize it was Beth’s idea (sort of), but how Nolan missed that it would cause problems is beyond me, other than…. he’s a man. I digress. Sometimes these ‘in-between’ books are a great way to catch up with all the characters from the series. No exception here. We are definitely being set up for Uzuri’s story (or Holt’s). And Anne is handling pregnancy about as good as you would expect. She’s miserable. Etc. So, again, a great story from the Shadowlands. Of course you have to read it! As soon as you read the previous 10!

  • LBry2602
    2020-05-24 16:45

    I love a series that revisits previous characters and Nolan and Beth's continued story was great. I am a huge fan of Cherise Sinclair and this book is an outstanding addition to the Shadowlands books. The Shadowland Masters love their partners with a passion that you can feel through the pages of the books. It is one series of books that I have read multiple times and enjoy overtime. I also love the way Cherise introduces future H/h characters in her books. I'm already looking forward to Uzuri, Max, and Alastair's stories. Please revisit the other Masters soon!!