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The teaching of martial arts can be one of the noblest professions, but bears with it some of the most unique and surprising challenges imaginable In this special book, best selling author shifu Jonathan Bluestein reveals in great detail the manner in which this wonderful occupation and life mission may be carried out with great success and joy Written for martial arts teachers of any style, practicing or aspiring, this exceptional work is guaranteed to provide you with solid and easily applicable life changing advice With this exceptional book, be the best that you can become...

Title : The Martial Arts Teacher: A Practical Guide to a Noble Way
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ISBN : 9781976133497
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The Martial Arts Teacher: A Practical Guide to a Noble Way Reviews

  • Martin usw
    2020-05-25 03:43

    After 30 years of teaching Tai Chi Chuan intensively I was very curious to have a look at this book from Jonathan Bluestein. The topic of teaching martial arts touches my heart and it is never wrong to learn more about it.Already after reading the firsts chapters I was very excited. Wow. Jonathan is writing about many important topics in an inspiring way. There a chapters like:- Not a Business, But a Community- Ways to Approach a Curriculum- That First Class- The Challenge of Trust- Better Than You- To Teach is Never Enough- Enthusiasm and Its LimitsOf course I was pondering about some of these topics for years and have my own opinion. But Jonathan sees aspects new to me and has a way to put them into words, which gave me a lot of insights. Additionally he writes about topics, which I never thought of. They gave me a lot of inspiration for how to go on in my future teaching.The chapters of the book are quite independent from each other. So you can place the book next to your coach and reread individual chapters here and then. This will be always useful and can help in you certain situations.The way Jonathan writes is very personal. In this book he connects general ideas about a topic with a strong emphasize on his own point of view. He shares with us his vast experience in teaching and running a martial arts community. This is one of the strong parts of the book. It not only provides you with information, but makes you think, because Jonathan's opinion is always well reasoned.All in all, if you want to teach martial arts or you do it (even for a long time) and you want to reflect on the topic of being a martial arts teacher, this is the book which should be on your buying list. You will be not disappointed.

  • James Tan
    2020-05-23 04:02

    I received Jonathan Bluestein’s latest book The Martial Arts Teacher - A Practical Guide to a Noble Way, as a Christmas gift. It’s now March and I’ve only just put it down. And I’m sure I’ll pick it up again many times in the months and years to come.I was a big fan of Sifu Bluestein’s earlier book, Research of Martial Arts so I was happily looking forward to reading this, his following book. I must say, the man continues to impress me greatly with his writing. The reason it’s taken me a couple of months to get through this book is because it is so dense with material, wonderful material, that I found myself constantly re-reading sections and chapters with newfound perspectives or reawakened memories of my own experiences.In contrast to his first mammoth effort, Sifu Bluestein has, with this book, produced a deeply personal, intimate look at the processes and practices involved in being a martial arts teacher. In doing so, he has shared his perspectives on a wide variety of topics, all very relevant, to the art and craft of being a martial arts teacher.It is a remarkable book.The Martial Arts Teacher is incredibly full and brilliantly insightful. As someone who has taught tertiary level psychology for years, I was incredibly impressed at the seamless melding of psychological principles, pedagogical advice and philosophy given here - something I’ve never seen in any other book purporting to look at the practice of martial arts instruction. The range of topics Sifu Bluestein addresses is astounding. I have spent days trying to think of areas he has failed to address but I simply cannot.This is not a compendium of pedagogic theory, although Sifu Bluestein spends a lot of time sharing his ideas on the ‘hows’ of teaching here. Neither is this book a business primer on how to run a successful school, although Sifu Bluestein does generously give the reader many ideas he has found effective in creating a successful kwoon/dojo. This book was, for me at least, a long and deep conversation over a fine meal, between one teacher and another, that stretched long into the evening and that will give me plenty to think on in the future. I am very grateful to have had the chance to read it.Throughout the book, Sifu Bluestein’s voice is clearly heard. This is a deeply personal volume and not everyone will agree with everything he has to say. His love and passion however, are things no-one could find fault with and these are apparent from the first page to the last. As I put the book down I was reminded of what a joy and privilege teaching martial arts is.For any martial arts teacher who may read this, buy this book. We forget sometimes, how isolating it can be working as a teacher, and this book is the next best thing to having another colleague sit with you and share his/her own experiences.For any martial arts students who may read this, buy this book. It will help you understand your teachers in a way you never would have before, and help you more clearly see how these people are trying to help you fulfill your potential.If martial arts is a passion of yours, this book is a must have. It is fantastic.

  • Yuval Kaufmann
    2020-05-09 01:52

    This book reminds us teachers what we need most. When you become a teacher, falling into the know-it-all trap is easy. This is especially true if you really know your martial art well. Then comes along a book like this, and makes you realize that you still got a whole lot to learn, about the martial arts and teaching too.There is no stone left unturned in this book. The author delves into the teaching craft and describes it comprehensively. Any 'missing' aspects would be the silly stuff (children's birthday parties) and the cynical money-grabbing tactics. The author instead fills the void with a lot of insight into Asian philosophy and culture, and how they are relevant and can help a martial arts school. The wording is clear and the language engaging, so even the complex comes across with ease.Because of the breadth of the work it is a bit challenging to describe, but it will definitely exceed your expectations if you have been reading other martial arts literature before. It is a cut above.Three things I liked that stood out:- Author's respect for his teachers and traditions.- Many useful stories and anecdotes from the personal experience of the author and other notable teachers.- The humane and overwhelmingly positive approach to everything the author talks about, as well as the solutions he offers for the challenges teachers face.With these three major strengths and the scope of the work, this book makes an honorary addition to my personal library.

  • M.A.C.
    2020-05-26 06:03

    I am a martial arts of over 30 years, and this book reminds me that there is always more to learn. I have a life long obsession with learning and growing, and in the dedication to develop my skills and passion to pass them on, I learned where I have been shorting my students. This book is about teaching martial arts, and could easily translate into teaching in general. I am glad to have read this, and will be referring to it as I make some adjustments.

  • naveh
    2020-05-17 22:51

    This is the sort of book I like. It has the positive vibe of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" just about the martial arts instead and with traditional teaching in mind, and digging a whole lot deeper into the human psyche. The author gets straight to the point. There is a vision and way to do martial arts instruction, and here is his take on it. Plain and simple! Or is it? The book gets you to think otherwise, and look closely into the psychology of yourself and your students. What are martial arts for? Why do you teach them? What do students really want? How to get people what they really want? How does Asian tradition play in all of this? Answers are present and plentiful and told in stories and entertaining narrative. Tips and tricks? Much more than that. The book has many things that some martial arts teachers know about teaching and most will not discuss publicly. The author does not shy away from controversy and kudos to him on that. Yet at the same time the book is also very polite and respectful, with etiquette and morality taking center stage. This book touches all teachers hearts from deep within. Sometimes I wanted to clap my hands to the pages and other times I could not help but feel the struggle. May Mr. Bluestein write many more books like this one! I will buy them!!

  • Ralph Emerson
    2020-05-08 05:51

    This is the second book by Bluestein shifu I have read, the previous one was Research of Martial Arts. Very different books I should say. I think teachers of all kinds and types are the target audience for this book, and for them it really delivers! Few are the martial arts books with such deep insights and wisdom, and the breadth of issues discussed is also vast and comprehensive. I especially liked how Bluestein shifu managed to explain the relationship between traditional culture, personal ethics and the long term success of a school. This shines through several chapters, like 'Shifu - The Chinese Teacher'. Overall this is fine martial arts literature at its best. Highly recommended!!Ralph Emerson 34 years in the arts

  • Zvika tenenboum
    2020-05-20 23:04

    What's there to say? Martial arts literature at its finest. After Hanshi Patrick McCarthy recommended this on Facebook I had to get it because what's good for him definitely works for me. It did! What a work!! A real tour de force about teaching the martial arts. Covers many important topics and points that martial arts teachers deal with every day. But throughout with a moral and ethical thread, which is all-important. Not just 'I teach this, I teach that'. Every chapter golden without fail even why not shying away from complicated issues like dealing misbehavior in the school and with colleagues who demonstrate professional misconduct. Real advice, sound advice, based on experience and real life stories, from a teacher you can relate to. All martial arts teachers should read it really.