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With drama, vigor and enthusiasm, Robert Hardy chronicles the arrival of the longbow in Britain and its gradual adoption as the most important weapon in the English military arsenal, and its coming of age at the battles of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt Also examined is the longbow as a sporting and hunting weapon, and its status in Britain today....

Title : Longbow: A Social and Military History
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Longbow: A Social and Military History Reviews

  • Matthias Klay
    2020-05-20 03:30

    Obwohl der Autor definitiv ein Longbow-Fan ist und deswegen wohl zum Teil nicht ganz objektiv argumentiert, ist das Buch für Freunde des Bogenschiessens sehr empfehlenswert: Gute geschichtliche Hintergründe, Werdegang des Bogens bis zur Blüte im hundertjährigen Krieg England-Frankreich, soziale/demographische Hintergründe, Erkenntnisse aus archäologischen Funden, interessante und auch schöne Illustrationen und Abbildungen. Wird fast nie langweilig!

  • William
    2020-05-24 05:57

    This book is a very comprehensive guide for any longbow enthousiast. Written by a well known English longbow specialist. Perfect must have for traditional archers.

  • None
    2020-05-14 03:29

    Robert Hardy's "Longbow" is written with passion and verve. As a result, it is a delight to read. An erudite man, Hardy is sometimes rather intricate in his writing style. But the elegant phrasing Mr. Hardy favors is nonetheless precise and well-crafted. Once the ear becomes accustomed to the music of his language, it becomes a source of delight in itself.Hardy cannot be faulted on the research for this book. An acknowledged expert on the origins and use of the longbow, he has traced the weapon from prehistory and documents its use in the hunt, as a weapon of war, and in sport. However, much of the book concerns the longbow in the great medieval battles of Agincourt and Crecy, in which Welsh bowmen proved the superiority of the yew bow in combat. But this is more than a simple recitation of the facts of the battles. Hardy has also looked at the men who wielded the longbow, how they were trained, how they lived, and how they were supplied. Such information makes history come alive.The latest edition of the book includes new information on the archeological finds associated with the Mary Rose, a warship dating from Henry VIII's time, which went down in the Solent in the sixteenth century. Excavated during the 80's, the longbows recovered from the wreck revised many of the notions held about this weapon and its making. One interesting finding was that the draw weights for some of the Mary Rose bows were roughly twice that estimated for similar bows of the time in earlier research. Robert Hardy served as a consultant on this project and brings this first-hand knowledge to bear very effectively in his book.The book's usefulness is evident when you cruise the Internet and look at the number of archery web sites which quote the book or recommend it as a reference. Invariably, it is cited as a first-rate resource for those interested in the history/making of these weapons. But even for those of us who are simple armchair historians it is a wonderfully intelligent and fullbodied read.

  • None
    2020-06-01 01:51

    A wonderful book. You may remember Mr Hardy as 'Seigfried' in the show 'All Creatures Great and Small'. Well he can write up a storm and enthrall you while educating you in medieval history, metallurgy, and the glories of the Longbow.This is a book to cherish. You will never think of armour as lumps of silly iron again, and he brings the Longbow to life. If you can read, you will enjoy this - and there's some great pictures too!

  • Ely Delaney
    2020-05-29 03:56

    This book is a great reference to the history of the longbow.I do wish I could pick up a digital copy of the book as well but I love having this in my collection.It's sad that Sir Hardy will not be with us to share more of his amazing knowledge.

  • Stephen D. Weiss
    2020-05-01 06:59

    The contents of this exhaustive history of the longbow are outstanding. Research and illustrations are top notch, as is the wealth of information provided by the authors on the use of archery as a weapon down through the years precding firearms. I would have liked to have seen some discussion on how it must have been making the successful transition from practicing against stationary targets in the butts versus shooting at live combatants moving, riding, running and trying their best to kill the archer with their own weapons. MY CHIEF COMPLAINT is that the book is printed in some strange typeface I have never seen before. It is very thin and very light, making it extremely difficult to focus on and read. I own thousands of books and have collected them for 40 years but have never encountered this typeface in a modern book before. So beware buyer, the contents are excellent IF you can read the typeface!

  • Snuffski
    2020-05-18 04:33

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas. He read it cover to cover without putting it down. If this is your kind of topic I don't think you will be disappointed. Robert Hardy has done a great job of course!

  • Dogman1917
    2020-05-25 05:43

    Very informative and enjoyable reading.

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-05-14 04:44

    excellent book. Fast service and just as described.